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Name ⇎ Vanilla // Kuroko Tetsuya
Age ⇎ 16

Height/Build ⇎ 168 cm (5'5") & 57 kg (125.66 lb); lean & skinny, but fairly fit!

Hair Color/Eye Color ⇎ light blue
Notable Traits ⇎ if anything, he's supposedly unnotable and easy to miss! his specialty is misdirection, which allows him to divert your attention away from him. often times, he will greet you and you haven't noticed him approach you at all!
he speaks in a very calm and flat tone! almost to the point of disinterest.
Other ⇎ top-levels will mean he's approachable/not in invisible mode
typically wearing parts of uniform two, sometimes with cargo pants instead of shorts

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full stats

Jan. 30th, 2015 11:28 pm
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NAME ⇎ kuroko tetsuya 《黒子 テツヤ》
GENDER ⇎ male
AGE ⇎ 16
BIRTHDAY ⇎ january 31st
HEIGHT ⇎ 168 cm (5'5")
WEIGHT ⇎ 57 kg (125.66 lb)

TEAM ⇎ seirin (formerly teikou)
POSITION ⇎ small forward ?????
TALENT ⇎ misdirection

STAMINA ⇎ ★★☆☆☆

SIGN ⇎ aquarius
HOBBY ⇎ reading, people watching
MOTTO ⇎ 一期一会 (treasure every [once-in-a-lifetime] encounter)
SPECIALTY ⇎ magic tricks
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significant positive ⇎ "I believe in you, Kise-kun" (172)
form ⇎ a small, silver bell. Make it ring to view the memory (1/3)
game ⇎ day 309, duck's silly bonding

from here to here

things learned
⇎ seirin and kaijou have promised each other to play in the semi-finals
⇎ kagami is like crazy distraught over this
⇎ i guess he believes in kise gosh

significant positive ⇎ "I want to see Aomine-kun playing with a smile" (124)
form ⇎ strawberry tarts, 1-3 uses depending on how much you break them apart (1/3)
game ⇎ day 311, mal's springtime clothes design

from here to (skipping flashback) here and after

things learned
⇎ he doesn't intend to lecture aomine on his new way of thinking
⇎ the only thing they can do is win!
⇎ +25 kagami makes him feel better points
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trivial positive ⇎ playing with Aomine as his partner (124)
form ⇎ a tiny apple pie. Eat it to receive the memory. Two uses, if you wish to share the pie with someone. (1/1)
game ⇎ day 299, morgan's status effect

things learned
⇎ shadow and light combi
⇎ fistbumps!
⇎ great partner times

trivial neutral ⇎ comforting Momoi (79-80)
form ⇎ tiny baggies of jungle slime. Eat the slime to get your memory! . . . it tastes like peanut butter even if it doesn't look to appetizing, and also goes well with bread. (1/1)
game ⇎ day 305, hansel and gretel adventure

⇎ aomine is stupid and made momoi cry
⇎ kagami is also stupid and made momoi cry
⇎ kuroko is the only one capable of calming her down
⇎ his first reveal of his vanishing drive
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significant negative ⇎ "... I'm the worst." (223)
form ⇎ a tiny clear bottle. Insert a liquid inside and drink from the bottle to receive your memory. You will instinctively know this! It also has unlimited uses.
game ⇎ day ???, baker's cry wolf

from here to here

things learned
⇎ beginning of third year, teikou is disjointed and both kuroko and momoi feels it's been lonely
⇎ he remembers the promise and pretended not to know, ASHAMED
⇎ been keeping in touch with ogiwara-kun and they're still holding onto their promise
⇎ couldn't share his problems with him though...

significant negative ⇎ last game of Nationals/leaving the Teikou basketball team after
form ⇎ a Necco wafer in your team's color. Eat them. One use. (1/1)
game ⇎ day 297, merlin's bingo

all of 226 to here in 227

things learned
⇎ requests that teikou not hold back against ogiwara
⇎ couldn't keep his promise :(
⇎ decides to quit basketball so he'll never feel this pain again
⇎ skips school a lot after (ruins perfect attendance!!)

significant neutral ⇎ "I really disliked Kise-kun" (184 12-15)
form ⇎ a crystal. Hold to view memory. Good for one use. (1/1)
game ⇎ day 297, nimue's true heart

starting here

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things learned
⇎ disliked kise but in a good way...
⇎ was kise's personal trainer
⇎ thought of kise as a rival

skill 6

Oct. 28th, 2013 04:04 pm
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skill ⇎ people watching
form ⇎ a nasturtium flower. You have to eat it.
game ⇎ day 291, butterfly's spin for points game

first skill that i'm bothering to do a write-up forrr. this will boost his misdirection! on the first level, it was merely utilizing his weak presence, but now he'll actively be taking into account people's line of vision to manipulate.

for basketball, he'll be more capable in regards to the team's flow and rhythm to provide better support passing.

for actual uses in Real Life, he'll more easily notice people's habits, body language and lie tells. if you're a friend of kuroko's (and even if you're not!!), it'd be super great if you could drop a line in this entry about your character's gestures! if they're lying/embarrassed, kuroko won't call them out on it, but he does note these sorts of moments.
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significant positive ⇎ Aomine's peptalk when Kuroko considers quitting (124)
form ⇎ A feather in your team colour. How odd . . . When you touch it and think about taking your memory, it hovers in the air for a while, then floats gently back down again. Unlimited uses, but the memories fade over time . . .
game ⇎ day 288, beauty and mal's understanding game

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things learned
⇎ he thought about quitting the team :x
⇎ aomine was the one to cement his ideas of teammwork and hard work

trivial negative ⇎ the rest of the Miracles blossoming and a promise to be together (220)
form ⇎ Memories come as small bone disks, surprisingly soft and worn. (They might smell funky.) Scratch one side with your fingernail to view. Two uses. (1/2)
game ⇎ day 289, old joe's power games

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things learned
⇎ everyone's starting to get better
⇎ their change reminds him of aomine's
⇎ didn't talk to aomine much since nationals
⇎ that was definitely a lie, they won't stay together :(

memory 24

Sep. 30th, 2013 10:17 pm
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trivial neutral ⇎ talking to Kise during the break (68)
form ⇎ a candle in your team color. Light it to view your memory. 9 uses. (1/9)
game ⇎ day 287, pandora's selfharm game

here for timeline context, jump to here for talk start, end!

things learned
⇎ kise has a limit, but he thinks he's capable of copying aomine
⇎ either kise or aomine could win
⇎ kise's grown up

memory 23

Sep. 17th, 2013 02:27 pm
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trivial positive ⇎ hot springs break (c.109-110)
form ⇎ a pair of handkerchiefs. Give one to someone and keep the other and you'll both receive the memory simultaneously (forced shareable). Your initials will appear on the handkerchiefs after. (traded for kagami's handkerchief)
game ⇎ day 284, guinevere's romantic love

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things learned
⇎ kagami-kun is really a returnee huh
⇎ seirin is a team full of mischief
⇎ really did develop a skill just for beating aomine
⇎ +100 kagami feels
⇎ kagami "opened the gate"...?
⇎ touou's the first winter cup opponent
⇎ +10000 determination to kick aomine's ass

memory 22

Sep. 14th, 2013 12:00 am
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significant neutral ⇎ misdirection overflow (c.128-129)
form ⇎ a plain cloth mask in your team color. Put it on to get the memory.
game ⇎ day 282, odile's midnight masquerade

here to here, basically both chapters in full

things learned
⇎ kiyoshi's last tournament?!
⇎ he's really happy to play with us, but...
⇎ "next time... next time isn't good enough! we'll win now!"
⇎ his misdirection can run out, allowing everyone else on seirin to disappear
⇎ risky move because misdirection will never work against touou again, it's throwing away the possibility of ever winning against them in the future...
⇎ "even so, it's better than losing here... i'll think about the future when the time comes."

memory 21

Sep. 7th, 2013 11:53 pm
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trivial negative ⇎ "You can't beat me" (c.118-120)
form ⇎ a leather tankard full of wine. Once the wine runs out, the memory is no longer there. Enough for three 8 oz glasses of wine (or sips, as sips are enough for the memory)
game ⇎ day 281, lancelot's castle siege

from here to here

things learned
⇎ seirin is strong, strong enough to really stand up against touou
⇎ one-on-one against aomine, whoa!
⇎ "we really get along when it comes to basketball"
⇎ "a shadow only exists because of the light. no matter how much you try, it's not the other way around. you can't beat me."
⇎ he invented the vanishing drive to defeat aomine... but....
⇎ "then let me tell you clearly: it's a useless effort"
⇎ falls to ground and cries basically
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significant negative ⇎ "Give up on Aomine." "Who are you?"
form ⇎ a dog's tooth on a thong. Prick yourself with the tip to view the memory. After three uses, it will lose its sharpness and no longer break skin. (0/3)
game ⇎ day 279, kitsune's find the fox

here to here

things learned
⇎ was chasing after Aomine and it didn't go well
⇎ Aomine is the cracked plate, but no fixing needed, he's fine as is...?
⇎ what the motherfluffin' is going on
⇎ no, something isn't right— this isn't Akashi—

significant negative ⇎ "In the end, Kuroko, your basketball cannot defeat me." (c.50)
form ⇎ a card. Trade with someone else to view their memory—then trade back to view yours. Single exchange use only (0/1)
game ⇎ day 281, mad hatter's trade

okay literally all of ch 50, bless you full chap memories

things learned
⇎ TEAMWORK FEELS +10 yeah stupid kagami we're supposed to work together
⇎ it's the cross-court pass again!
⇎ cap...tain.... what are you-- captain definitely has a personality problem
⇎ i believe in my basketball even if you're saying it's the same aomeanie :(
⇎ OH HE'S USING HIS NEWLY REGAINED SKILL-- fuck he can catch it
⇎ basketball despair +10000, furthers kuroko's feelings of uselessness /)3(\

trivial neutral ⇎ idiots can't win
form ⇎ a strand of flax. tie it around your finger to view the memory. good for three uses!
game ⇎ day 238, mad libs

things learned
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significant positive ⇎ being discovered by Akashi (ch. 206)
form ⇎ a glass lotus candle holder, and yes, it was made from the mirror shards. The candle, in the colour of your team, needs to be lit to see the memory, and uses unlimited until the wick is totally burned out and the candle needs replacing. (1/~)
game ⇎ day 270, cassandra's inner demons

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trivial neutral ⇎ first time co-op play with Kise (ch. 62.5/tip off)
form ⇎ one of the memory-sharing stones. You and another person must each hold part of the stone to see the memory. Both characters will see it, but it will be more vivid for the person whose memory it is (0/~)
game ⇎ day 271, unicorn's activity bingo

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trivial positive ⇎ standing up against bullies (rest of c.11)
form ⇎ a sticky candy wrapper. Lick it to view your memory. Three uses! (1/3)
game ⇎ day 272, eliza's brother's guess who

things learned
⇎ kise and kagami are bros
⇎ guns, what guns

trivial positive ⇎ reasons for playing/his own declaration
form ⇎ five pieces of team-colored candies, one from each Personae, tasting like the color (1/5)
game ⇎ day 275, kids' deage game

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things learned
⇎ can't fulfill his promise??? what???
⇎ teiko's motto: winning is everything
⇎ they became a team of individual skills
⇎ his reason for playing basketball: to make kagami and seirin number one

skill ⇎ ignite pass
form ⇎ full shot glass of water (taken)
game ⇎ day 275, dorian's i've never

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trivial negative ⇎ first faceoff against Takao (27)
form ⇎ CANDY APPLES THE SIZE OF YOUR THUMBNAIL. They come in clusters of 3 (1/3)
game ⇎ day 254, mira's parasite elevator

things learned
⇎ capable of a bullet-like high speed pass
⇎ "like shin-chan would put it, it was fate" for kuroko vs takao/kagami vs midorima
⇎ takao is the same sort of player he is and that makes him want to beat kuroko more?
⇎ kuroko was like ???? ok idk what to say to that but he feels the same way
⇎ takao manages to intercept his pass?!?!
⇎ his misdirection doesn't work on takao.... but he's not letting that stop him :T

skill ⇎ basic basketball
form ⇎ a key-shaped cookie decorated in your team color (taken)
game ⇎ day 256, cecily and masked lady's bridge crossing
waddup better than the other basketidiots already

significant negative ⇎ fallout with Kagami
form ⇎ small, capped horns of mead, only two mouthfuls. Two uses. (1/2)
game ⇎ day 258, old joe's exploradora

things learned
⇎ this is their limit?
⇎ against sheer skill... just cooperation isn't enough to win.....
⇎ oh. oh okay kagami.
⇎ this affects his play in the next two matches of the interhigh, which they lose...
⇎ isn't doing that well in practice either
⇎ kuroko and kagami sit right next to one other but ignored each other for a whole week.....

trivial neutral ⇎ Seirin's first beach training camp (59)
form ⇎ Unwrap the gift, and you'll find a sugar cookie! Eat it to receive your memory (1/1)
game ⇎ day 259, gerda's game

full chapter memory

things learned
⇎ coach knows what she's doing, but she's tough :x
⇎ team full of hardworkers!
⇎ they need to work on improving indivdually
⇎ new... style?

trivial neutral ⇎ okonomiyaki shenanigans after the Shuutoku match
form ⇎ a plain wooden handle that looks like it broke off a crank of some kind. Turn it in the air one full circle to get your memory. (0/3)
game ⇎ day 260, butterfly's telephone

drama cd translation here!

things learned
⇎ midorima, kise, kuroko and kagami spend some quality time together
⇎ oh my god kagami you endless stomach.... has a real sketch image of his eating abilites haha
⇎ midorima is very precise about things but he sucks at it anyway
⇎ kise's enjoying basketball again
⇎ everyone is stupid the end

skill ⇎ basic magic skills
form ⇎ single long strip of worn paper with a line drawn down its center in red ink (taken)
game ⇎ day 261, mother's loveless

memory 8+9

May. 23rd, 2013 04:09 pm
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trivial neutral ⇎ Kise's visit (ch.3)
form ⇎ condiment packets; each labeled and with a little dotted curve on the corner that says ‘TEAR ME.’ one is KETCHUP, one is MUSTARD, and one is RELISH! you have to eat the entire packet to get the memory (1/3)
game ⇎ day 249, catdog's magical strategy

i'd post pages but it is LITERALLY ALL OF CHAPTER THREE

things learned
⇎ he was forgotten about for magazines in teikou /falls over
⇎ considers himself on a different level from the Miracles anyway
⇎ beginning to think Kagami is better than he originally thought
⇎ coach planned a practice match against Kaijou, top-ranked school, and they have Kise
⇎ Kise's a model who joined the Miracles late, all-rounder player
⇎ Kise says they got along best and were picked on together, but he gets put down immediately
⇎ oh fuck man it's only been a few months and Kise's already improved too much
⇎ Kise asks Kuroko to join his team, he politely declines
⇎ doesn't joke wwww _( :3」∠)_

significant positive ⇎ that time he stuck a popsicle down Aomine's shirt (ch.41/214)
form ⇎ brightly-colored party crackers! However. You will need a friend or teammate to hold one end while you pull on the other— resulting in a shared memory (1/1; skipped sharing)
game ⇎ mad hatter, anon confessions

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things learned
⇎ Aomine blossomed first
⇎ don't go easy on your opponents!!!
⇎ assured Aomine there would be a rival to match him soon

May. 18th, 2013 05:53 pm
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i hit 1900 comments (so close to 2k!) and it'll be three months for me tomorrow ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪

so time for my first question meme?! ask whatever you like about vanillacchi here. _( :3」∠)_

memory 7

Apr. 24th, 2013 08:31 pm
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trivial negative ⇎ after-practice match conversation with Kise
form ⇎ a small bag of popcorn, tied with a ribbon in your team colors. six pieces of popcorn (1/6)
game ⇎ day 249, columbine's exploradora

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things learned
⇎ has trouble getting along with Midorima
⇎ he disappeared after the final middle school tournament, not sure why
⇎ hated basketball after that
⇎ Kagami-kun really loves basketball and Kuroko thinks that's incredible :0
⇎ there'll be a time when Kagami will reach the level of the Miracles and sadness will happen

memory 5+6

Apr. 22nd, 2013 12:27 am
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trivial positive ⇎ finding Tetsuya #2 (c.74)
form ⇎ sugar holly leaves - there's 3 leaves and a 2 berries (1/5)
game ⇎ day 237, hatter's dreams

things learned
⇎ his full first name is tetsuya, just not tetsu shakes fist at aomine
⇎ dog's name is tetsuya #2/nigou
⇎ kagami's scared of dogs
⇎ he's kindaaaa likes teasing people
⇎ he finally knows the faces of all his teammates!

trivial positive ⇎ time spent playing basketball with childhood friend and their promise to each other (c.204)
form ⇎ heart shaped out of ruby-colored crystal, smash it (1/1)
game ⇎ day 239, team match

things learned
⇎ started basketball because he saw a match on tv, no biggie
⇎ played alone until a boy called out to him one day and then they played everyday after class
⇎ they promised to join the basketball clubs at their schools when his friend moved away
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